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We do so through our commitment to providing the best products and services available. DCA has Design and Build capabilities. We have in-house Designers, Stress Analysts, Fabricators, Technicians, Precision Machinists, Assemblers all working together to support our products. Our staff afford our customers a value service for design and build projects.

DCA specializes in the development of aerospace vehicles structural solutions. Our experience has been endorsed by leading aerospace manufacturers and maintenance; companies that have trusted our services to meet their needs. We provide integrated solutions including definition and specification of required qualification test... Founded in 2005, DCA is an independent, specialized engineering company that develops efficient, high value added solutions that integrate the best qualified team of professionals with the most advanced technology. The company applies a solutions directed towards safety and efficient operation. With offices in Albacete (Spain), we offer engineering services that include feasibility studies, basic to detailed engineering, manufacture, integration, and testing structural solutions in the aeronautical sector. Our highly qualified team is characterized by its strong desire for providing the best possible solutions and for having a collaborative and committed spirit.

Within the Aerospace, structural design DCA we offer engineering services, design, analysis, manufacturing, integration, and testing support for a wide range of aircraft, helicopter and unmanned aircraft system (UAS) applications. DCA provides efficient solutions designed with safety in mind, backed by the experience of our highly qualified team. With specialties in mechanic analysis and design, , our team boasts an average working experience of over ten years. We are committed to provide our clients with exceptional service and quality, no matter their global location, which is one of our competitive advantages. Armed and security forces as well as other civil clients, both public and private, rely on our products to successfully complete their missions and operations in the optimal manner.


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